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Industries We Serve

  • Manufacturing Factoring

    Manufacturing companies need a constant flow of cash to purchase materials, meet payroll, negotiate with suppliers and accelerate ..
  • Oil and Gas Factoring

    With payment terms in the oil and gas industry stretching from 30 to 90 days, your cash-flow concerns are growing. Oil and gas fac..
  • Distribution Factoring

    Quick access to cash is paramount for your distribution business, regardless of who you’re selling to: merchants, retailers, con..
  • Staffing Factoring

    For staffing companies, a reliable and positive cash flow can make the difference between keeping a small house of staff at only a..
  • Service Factoring

    For service companies, adequate cash flow can mean the difference between small potatoes and the big time. Without tangible goo..
  • Technology Factoring

    Information technology companies often face cash-flow challenges. Whether you’re selling equipment, consulting, or a combination..
  • Energy Factoring

    Elite Finance Inc. factoring can improve your energy company’s day-to-day operations by providing immediate cash. Six benefi..
  • Transportation Factoring

    Transportation supports every American business, but delays in payments can create a big burden. Factoring is the solution...
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  • Just-In-Time Cash advances as high as 90% of original invoice
  • Fund as much as you want, whenever you want
  • You choose which invoices or parts of invoices to fund
  • Streamlined approval process
  • No term contract
  • No hidden fees or extra charges with The No-Fees Guys™

About Factoring

Elite Finance Inc.® has processed billions in accounts receivable transactions and is one of the nation’s leading business financing and business factoring companies.

  • When your business needs cash for growth, a bank loan isn’t the answer. Accounts-receivable factoring is.
  • Accounts-receivable factoring is not a loan. You make no payments and incur no debt. Any business that sells on open credit to creditworthy accounts is eligible.
  • You can sell your invoices—just a few or a lot—for instant cash. Cash for new orders, payroll or whatever will help your business grow.

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