Your Healthcare Financing Options From Elite Finance Inc.

Nearly all small business owners know that financing is an incredibly useful tool to help them make their businesses a success. Did you know that this tool is also available to operators of small healthcare practices? Elite Finance Inc. can help you get the working capital you need to make your practice successful. After all, your community has come to rely on the services you provide, meaning you cannot afford to close your doors. We offer a wide range of different healthcare financing options, each suited for a different situation. Give Elite Finance Inc. a call to learn more about all the different options you have, including:

  • Medical equipment leasing – Consider leasing for your medical equipment to get a more appealing loan. Ownership can still be transferred to you once payments are complete.
  • Practice acquisition – Get the capital you need to acquire a new practice, whether this is your first, or simply your most recent.
  • Debt consolidation – Making multiple monthly payments? We can combine them together into an single, easy to manage payment and usually reduce the total amount owed as well.

Elite Finance Inc. is committed to your healthcare practice no matter what situation you find yourself in. Give us a call today.