We want to address any questions that you may have. If your question isn’t answered below, please use the contact us form or send us a mail, we will be happy to help.

1.What is Accounts Receivable Factoring?
The purchase of invoices at a discount for immediate cash for working capital needs.
2. How is accounts receivable funding different than a bank loan?
During the application and approval process, we consider the overall strength of your company, including the creditworthiness of your customers and the strength of your relationship with them, your industry, your documentation, etc. On the other hand, banks focus on your company’s financial strength. Accounts receivable financing is not a loan; therefore no debt is entered on your company’s balance sheet. We can make a quick decision, while banks may take weeks-even months-to approve a loan.
3. My FICO Score is low. How will this affect my application process?
Your FICO Score is one of many factors that we consider so a low FICO score will never be the sole reason we don’t do business with someone.
4.How does EFi compare to other factors?
We differentiate with customer focused features, fees, and terms as highlighted in our Compare Factors Rethink Factoring TM section
5. I’m a new business with little or no credit history. Do I still qualify?
Since it is your customer who pays us, we concentrate more on their creditworthiness. We have helped many companies in their early stages grow into profitable entities.
6. How much can I access or how much do you lend?
We provide factoring facilities from $25,000 in excess of $10,000,000. We advance to you up to 95% on your unpaid invoices.
7. Any obligation?
There is no obligation. “We earn your business every day TM “. No application fees or long term contracts. No expensive termination fees.
8. How do I apply?
Click here or download our one-page PDF Application and receive a Proposal within 24-hours.
9. Do I have to pay an application fee to get started?
No, there is no application fee or any other fees when working with Elite Finance. Your only cost is the cost of capital.
10. How long does it take to process my application?
Complete 2 minute application for Instant Pre-Approval. Once Pre-Approved and required documents are received, we can submit a formal proposal in less than 24 hours.
11. What are the required documents for formal approval?
Typically a current accounts receivable aging report, most recent tax return, and sample invoice with backup documentation.