Accounts Receivable Factoring

When your business needs cash for growth, a bank loan isn’t the answer. Accounts-receivable factoring is.

Accounts-receivable factoring is not a loan. You make no payments and incur no debt. Any business that sells on open credit to creditworthy accounts is eligible.

You can sell your accounts receivable—just a few or a lot—for instant cash. Cash for new orders, payroll or whatever will help your business grow.
Need instant cash for your business?

Accounts-Receivable Factoring Is Simple and Easy.

  1. 1.You sell your receivable invoice(s) to a factoring company such as Elite Finance Inc, receiving as much as 90 percent of the invoice amount in cash, within 24 hours. (The credit line is based on the financial strength of your customer, rather than your business.)
  2. 2.When your customer pays the bill, you receive the remaining cash, minus a small fee for our services.